October 12, 2012
8 years, 8 months and 8 days since
our Reunion.


WELCOME to the website for Tecumseh High School's Class of 1962!  
We hope that you will use the information on this website to rekindle old friendships, find lost friends, make new friends and remember those who have left us too early.

Our old Tecumseh school building is totally gone now, but check out 
Tecumseh High School Tribute 2007  
(YouTube video), by Brian DeBoard, class of 1992.

Click on the CLASSMATE MAP  to see where the 1962 graduates lived after 46 years.  

The THEN AND NOW page shows classmates photos, then and now.  If we don't have a current snapshot of you, please send one to us. 

There are students that are MISSING and we have no address.  If you have any information as to how to contact them, please let us know. 
Also, you may have a change of address, email or phone, if so, please contact us.

The students who are "gone but not forgotten" are listed on the IN MEMORIAM  page.  

For details about the 50th Class Reunion in 2012, click on the 50th REUNION and PHOTOS pages at left. 
Just for fun, the REMEMBER WHEN page helps us remember 1961 and 1962 through histories and links to nostalgic websites.  

Before you leave, please sign the GUEST BOOK and add a comment.  Although you are asked for your email address, only your name will show.  Click here to Go Now.

Be sure to check the  ANNOUNCEMENTS page for current events, notices or updates.

We welcome your thoughts and comments about this website, and appreciate any stories or pictures that you wish to share.  No need to pay for any of those "Classmates" sites on the web, this site is yours.  Please leave a note on the Guest Book page or use the CONTACT US page to get in touch with any classmate.  You can be contacted without your email address showing.

Do you wonder what is going on now at Tecumseh?  Here is a link to current Tecumseh schools.

Tecumseh Local Schools


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